Nice Ucapan Like -  White pumpkin for health benefits because of the content of nutrients and minerals from the fruit is very good for the body as well for the diet program.

Pumpkin is a fruit that functioned as a vegetable that is not foreign to us. Many cuisines produced by the fruit of this one and has been puisi rindu sahabat known for a long time, in addition to being a delicious vegetable turned out pumpkin also has good benefits in maintaining a healthy body.

Pumpkin is believed to be used to treat high blood pressure also to treat heart disease. Many people only know to cook a pumpkin, but do not know the great benefits contained therein. Besides being used to maintain blood pressure, pumpkin is also believed to help the liver function to work properly ..

Juice processed from the leaves of the pumpkin can be used to cure jaundice also reducing gray hair. For those of you who feel the heat sensation cerpen persahabatan sejati during urination can consume pumpkin juice mixed with lime, this is a traditional remedy that is effective to cope with the heat sensation during urination.